Though the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries can tout they've not had any price increase for hunting and fishing licenses over the last 18 years, it would appear as though they'd like to make up for all 18 years in one fell swoop.

In an article yesterday on, Jack Montoucet, Secretary of LDWF, while addressing the Press Club of Baton Rouge, proposed a 42% increase to the cost of a basic resident fishing license and a 33% increase for the basic resident hunting license.

Montoucet says the agency needs the additional funding to offset a number of financial shortfalls, including the loss of $65 million due to state budget problems.

Of course the increase will have to be approved by the Louisiana State Legislature to go into effect and Montoucet says

“Certainly it is going to be an uphill battle,” “We understand that.” “But what we are trying to do is put that information out there so that our Legislature can be educated as to what we are facing.”

This issue is scheduled to be debated during the upcoming regular legislative session slated to start March 12.

Based on the details of the proposed rate hikes, a basic fishing license would increase from $9.50 to $13.50 and the basic hunting license would rise from $15 to $20.

Montoucet goes on to say that without the price increase, LDWF would likely have to lay off law enforcement agents and biologists.

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