As stunning a fact as it may seem, it's true: Recent surveys done by the US Census Bureau show that in 2017, more adults between the ages of 18-34 live with their parents that with a spouse or partner.

Government numbers show that currently 22.9 18-34 year olds live with their folks, compared to 19.9 in the same age bracket who are married.

And where does our state of Louisiana rank on the list of states with younger adults living at home? Well, that would be 18th overall, a percentage of 33.8.

But as high a rate as that may seem, the Bayou State pales in comparison to those topping the list, with New Jersey topping the list at 46.9%. In second place is Connecticut at 41.6%, and holding down the third spot is New York with 40.6%

States at the bottom of the survey are Wyoming at 48 with 20.9%, South Dakota 49th at 19.9% and in the 50 spot is North Dakota with a mere 14.1%.

Our neighbor to the west, Texas, is 21st with 33.2%. To the north, Arkansas comes in 36th at 27.5% and, to the east, in 10th place, Mississippi has 36.8%

With the exceptions of California and Mississippi, east coast states dominate the list, while midwestern states - except for Washington and Oregon - have the lowest percentages.

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