Scores of Northwest Louisiana fire officials in Desoto and Webster parishes, and most recently in the Benton area, were already concerned about the extreme drought conditions we are currently experiencing.

Concerned enough that they issued burn bans for their specific areas over the past week.

And now, effective at 8:00 am this morning, February 15, due to what they are calling, "the overwhelming emergency responses recorded by local fire officials", Louisiana State Fire Marshal Butch Browning along with Agriculture and Forestry Commissioner Mike Strain have issued a statewide burn ban for all of Louisiana.

Matthew Lloyd/Getty Images
Matthew Lloyd/Getty Images

The ban will continue until further notice and will only allow any private burning with permission from local government or local fire departments.

However, we read in a report from, there are a few exceptions to the statewide burn ban as described below:

  • Prescribed burns by the Department of Agriculture and Forestry are still allowed
  • Fires are still allowed by those trained and certified by the Department of Agriculture and Forestry
  • Prescribed burning will be allowed by those who conduct them as "generally accepted agriculture practice' as defined by law in the state.

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