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Although most COVID-19 news reported in the United States is negative (seriously, over 80% of media coverage has been negative in the US, compared to about 49% Internationally), there are a lot of positive stories out there. But those don't usually jerk fear out of the public, so big media companies in the United States ignore them.

For example, if a state who was struggling to get its population vaccinated against COVID-19 had a jump of 300% in vaccinations, that would be a big headline...right?

Well, it's hard to find that headline today, even though the news broke yesterday with White House COVID Coordinator Jeff Zients that Louisiana has increased their COVID vaccines by over 300%. Here's what Zients said:

"Louisiana has seen a 302% increase in the average number of newly vaccinated per day, Mississippi, 250%, Alabama 215% and Arkansas 206%"

During his remarks, Zients went on to say that increases like this will help to decrease cases across the country. Especially in the states who have had the increases.

There has been more good news lately that was mostly ignored when it comes to the effectiveness of these vaccines.

A joint report between the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and CNN showed that 99.99% of those who get vaccinated will not be hospitalized if they do have a breakthrough COVID case. Less than 0.004% of those vaccinated will ever be hospitalized for COVID, and 0.001% have a chance of dying from COVID after they're vaccinated.

These stories should be major headlines across the United States. But with the saturation of negative news from the biggest media outlets in the country, its hard to share these positive stories.

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