Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards has made multiple moves in an attempt to limit the outbreak of COVID-19 across the state of Louisiana. Initially, the Governor closes schools and casinos (along with many other businesses) and limited gathering sizes to 50 people. That first order was met with some push back.

Then yesterday afternoon, the Governor moved up his order to a "Stay at Home" Order. Which further limited groups, and shut down more businesses.

But the same day the Governor increased his order, a church service in Central, Louisiana defied all of his orders.

According to BRProud.com, The Life Tabernacle Church hosted 1,825 people at a Sunday morning service.

The report says that the church send more than 25 buses around the Baton Rouge area to pick up citizens and bring them to the service. The report goes on to say:

"Throughout the service parishioners could be seen touching each other and closely gathering, very few wearing masks or gloves."

Some authorities in the state have made it clear that they intend to arrest anyone who violates the Governor's rules, while one Parish Sheriff's Office even arrested a man for his fake coronavirus Facebook post. However there's not word yet on whether or not anyone will face any punishments for the Sunday church service.

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