First, he brought us the widely-acclaimed documentary "Haynesville."  Now, local filmmaker Gregory Kallenberg is launching what he calls the "Louisiana Film Prize Contest and Festival."  Kallenberg is hoping to do for Shreveport/Bossier what "South-by-Southwest" has done for Austin, Texas.  The Louisiana Film Prize Contest and Film Festival is open to filmmakers from all over the world but there's a catch -- their short films have to be shot here in Shreveport/Bossier between February first and July ninth.  A panel of judges will then narrow the field of rough cuts to twenty and those twenty will be invited back to Shreveport in October for the Festival and final judging.  The winner will be determined on a 50-50 basis by the judges' score and by popular vote.  So those twenty filmmakers are being urged to bring all their family and friends with them and to get out and hype their films to get as much public support as possible.  The winner will take home $50,000 in cold, hard cash.

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