Horseshoe  Casino and Hotel, along with more than 35 Caesars Entertainment resorts nationwide, will bring awareness to responsible gaming by taking part in the American Gaming Association’s “All In Campaign” during Responsible Gaming Education Week, July 30th through August 5th.

The campaign is designed to encourage casino employees to promote responsible gaming through education and awareness.

“We are proud to take part in Responsible Gaming Week to ensure our employees, as well our guests, know that we are dedicated to raising awareness about the importance of gaming responsibly,” said Mike Rich.

Responsible gaming is a pillar of Caesars Entertainment’s Code of Commitment, its formal corporate social responsibility pledge.  The corporation is committed to promoting responsible gaming through various actions such as training employees on the importance of responsible gaming and how to help customers who may need it.  Caesars has multiple companywide responsible gaming programs that will be highlighted during Responsible Gaming Education Week including:

-         Operation Bet Smart® – an awareness and training program designed to promote responsible gaming and to provide a process to offer alternatives for assistance to patrons who may not be gambling responsibly.

-         Project 21® – a casino employee training program centered on the company’s policy to card individuals who appears to be under 30, acceptable forms of identification, and how to identify altered or fake IDs.

-         Unattended Children Policy – a policy urging guests not to leave their children without proper supervision.

“By maintaining our responsible gaming programs and policies and by participating in Responsible Gaming Education Week, we are furthering our commitment to our employees and communities to ensure our guests are gambling for the right reason – to simply have fun,” said Jan Jones, Executive Vice President of Communications and Government Relations for Caesars Entertainment Corporation.

In the late 1980s, Caesars Entertainment, then known as Harrah’s, became the first casino company to recognize and operationally address pathological gambling.  Today, Caesars Entertainment trains all employees about responsible gaming.  Employees who have regular contact with guests are trained to report guest comments that cause them concern.

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