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Calling all artists...of every genre! The Shreveport Regional Arts Council is giving you an opportunity to discuss artistic opportunities, share and brainstorm ideas, and engage in the planning and implementation of the upcoming UNSCENE! monthly Arts Series in Shreveport Common.

There's an Artists' Retreat going on tomorrow at Central ARTSTATION on Crockett Street in downtown Shreveport. It's free and open to all artists in northwest Louisiana. This is the first of a series of day-long retreats to take place in the coming years.

This first one-day retreat will address topics like "What, Who, Where is Shreveport Common?", "Best Practices of Creative Placemaking" of art in Shreveport Common and "What is UNSCENE!?"

The project's Artistic Director Brandon Oldenburg will lead the discussions, and talk about goals, artistic concepts and direction, plus opportunities for area artists to create and present new works.

Pam Atchison was part of our Friday Fun Feature today. She welcomes creative people of all types -- painters, scupltors, graphic designers, lyricists, thespians, actors, musicians and many more -- to come out to the retreat. She expects UNSCENE! to bring UNpredictable, UNexpected, UNabashed and UNabridged experiences to permanently enhance Shreveport Common.

You can check out our complete interview with Atchison here:

We also talked recently with Brandon Oldenburg about what he expects to see come out of the project. Listen to that interview here:

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