In the coming weeks and months and maybe even spanning into the next few years the status of your coronavirus vaccination may be called into question. Many jurisdictions have proposed a "vaccine passport" so to speak.

What is a vaccine passport?

That would be an official document that allows you to show proof of your vaccination. While many people feel this will be a necessary evil if we are going to get on planes and cruise ships and cross international borders. There are still just as many who aren't in favor of the concept.

You can count members of Louisiana's House of Representatives Transportation Committee among those that don't buy into the "vaccine passport" idea. Yesterday the House Transportation Committee passed legislation that your health information will not be made available via your state-issued ID card or Louisiana driver's license.

The proposal before the Committee will prohibit the Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles from requiring someone to get vaccinated before they can get a driver's license or to put immunization information on that license. The legislation would cover all vaccinations, not just the ones that people have been getting for coronavirus.

One of the bill's supporters Kathy Edmonston, who represents the Gonzales area, suggested in her comments that the privilege of driving is unrelated to vaccination records. Others have gone on record as saying putting medical information on a public platform such as a driver's license or ID card amounts to a violation of privacy.

The measure, House Bill 349, will now go before the full house for more debate.

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