Starting June 1st of next year $300 individual lifetime hunting and fishing licenses will be phased out but sportsmen will still be able to buy a $500 combination lifetime hunting and fishing license. These changes are the result of recently signed legislation that increases license costs to help the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries fund a budget gap.

LDWF Undersecretary Bryan McClinton said this change has some sportsmen under the false impression that all lifetime licenses are going away.

“Whenever we stated that the hunt and fish are going to go away the public reacted as we are doing away with lifetime licenses. That’s the confusion we are trying to clear up,” said McClinton.

McClinton touted the benefits of the combination lifetime hunting and fishing license saying it gives you every recreational hunting and fishing license privilege with gear fees included. He said any legal method of taking you can do with the upcoming combination lifetime hunting and fishing license.

“Outside of dynamite and electricity you can fish and any legal method of archery, primitive, gun, any legal species you can hunt,” said McClinton.

Current lifetime license holders will be grandfathered in and McClinton said as of June 1st 2022 anyone with a lifetime license be it fishing, hunting, or combo, will receive all of the privileges that are being consolidated, including gear fees.

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