Lawrence of Arabia is one of the most restored movies in cinematic history. Just five years ago for it’s 50th anniversary in 2012 David Lean’s masterpiece got a pristine 4K restoration to mark the occasion, but don’t think that means anyone’s done with it yet. Lawrence of Arabia is returning to theaters soon in 70mm, the way it was meant to be seen, and the new trailer is fittingly gorgeous.

Lawrence of Arabia is the true story of T.E. Lawrence, played by the shockingly blue-eyed Peter O’Toole, a British archaeologist and military officer who travels to the Arab Peninsula during World War I to act as a liaison during the Sinai and Palestine campaign during the war. Much to his fellow Brits’ dismay, e goes a little bit native, and gets caught up in the simultaneous Arab revolt against the Ottoman Empire.

Full disclosure: I have never seen this movie precisely because I’ve been waiting to watch it in 70mm on the biggest screen I can find. Lawrence of Arabia is one of cinema’s great sweeping historical epics, the kind of film everyone who has seen it agrees is beautiful and flawless in every way (and the kind whose references pop up in the oddest places). If you’re a fan of movies, history, attractive actors in billowy costumes, or any combination of the three, this is a cinematic experience you won’t want to miss.

Park Circus hasn’t yet released any release date yet, but we should all stay tuned.

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