Megabanks Citibank and Bank of America are losing out on business in Louisiana. State Attorney General Jeff Landry and the Bond Commission turned down $600 million to those two financial institutions because of the gun control stance adopted by both companies.

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Bank of America and Citibank were set to take part in our state's massive road financing plan, but they were cut out of the deal. A spokewoman for the Attorney General tells Breitbart News Jeff Landry and State Treasurer John Schroder have been working on the state’s response to corporate gun control “for some time.” Omitting them from the $600 million is part of that response.

Under the new Citibank policy, gun store owners can no longer sell “high capacity” magazines and keep doing business with the bank. Citibank also requires business to refuse long gun sales to anyone 18-20 years old.

Senator John Kennedy issued the following statement after the State Bond Commission blocked Citibank and Bank of America from doing business with the state:

Citibank and Bank of America are trying to impose their political agenda on the American people.  In the process, they’re trampling on people’s Second Amendment rights.  That is a slap in the face to every single taxpayer who bailed those banks out during the Great Recession,” said Sen. Kennedy.  “The State Bond Commission made the right decision.  If you have zero respect for the U.S. constitution, then you don’t need to do business with the state of Louisiana.

Kennedy sent letters to the Governor and State Treasurer John Schroder urging them to reevaluate state contracts with the banks. You can read those Letters here.

The vote at the Bond Commission was 7-6 to prohibit Citigroup and Bank of America from participating in an upcoming bond sale because of their restrictive gun policies.
"I personally believe the policies of these banks are an infringement on the rights of Louisiana citizens," said Treasurer Schroder. "As a veteran and former member of law enforcement, I take the Second Amendment very seriously."
Here's how the Bond Commission voted:
Against Citibank and Bank of America: Interim Secretary of State Kyle Ardoin, Attorney General Jeff Landry, House Speaker Taylor Barras, State Treasurer John Schroder and State Reps. Blake Miguez, Mike Huval and Phillip Devillier.
For Citibank and Bank of America: Governor legal counsel Matthew Block, Senate President John Alario, Division of Administration counsel Rick McGimsey and State Sens. Eric LaFleur, Jay Luneau and Gary Smith.
Absent for the meeting: Lt. Gov. Billy Nungesser.

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