Lake Charles recorded the third heaviest rainfall in history according to the National Weather Service, with more than a foot of rain Monday, and that includes Hurricanes Laura and Delta. Mayor Nic Hunter said he’s not a scientist but three major weather events in less than nine months are evidence of climate change.

“I just think it would be ridiculous to say that something is not happening. These 100-year weather events are happening, at least here in southwest Louisiana a heck of a lot more than every 100 years,” said Hunter.

It was 264 days ago that the city was hit with Hurricane Laura, then just over a month later Delta. Hunter said it is unconscionable that they have yet to receive commiserate federal response to the 2020 hurricanes.

“But yesterday should be another wake-up call to Washington D.C. that what has affected this community, in recent history, rises to a level of magnitude where we need the proper federal response,” said Hunter.

Hunter said he’s not saying the city wouldn’t have flooded Monday if they had received federal aid sooner, but the lack of response is unfathomable.

With three major weather events in less than eight months, Hunter said some residents are facing now a third renovation of their homes.

“It is a lot on people’s shoulders, it’s a lot of weight on their shoulders, it is a lot to handle mentally for citizens,” said Hunter.

Hunter said congressional leaders continue to tell him they are fighting for funding to assist southwest Louisiana.

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