Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry is currently quarantined after being diagnosed with COVID-19. But that hasn't stopped him from sharing his legal opinion on Governor John Bel Edwards Mandatory Mask Order.

This opinion was requested by a group of Louisiana lawmakers, who openly questioned the Governor's order. The Attorney General broke down the opinion on the order in a quick and simple explanation. Here's what Landry wrote:

"The three provisions of the executive order, the mask mandate, the 50-person gathering limit and the bar closure, are likely unconstitutional and unenforceable"

The lawmakers that requested the opinion include State Representatives Alan Seabaugh, Larry Bagley, Robert Mills, and Dodie Horton, among others. Representative Seabaugh has been working to reduce the Governor's COVID mandates for months.

Landry's opinion is not law, but can be used in legal arguments in challenges of the mandate.

But its not just masks that Landry is considered with in the opinion. The Attorney General also took exception to the limits on gathers sizes, as well as bar closings. When it comes to the bar ruling, Landry said:

"The Governor has no authority to discriminate against a single business type statewide in the absence of far more data to support such a draconian and arbitrary exercise of power."

Interestingly, the opinion was shared after Vice President Mike Pence was in Baton Rouge to talk to lawmakers, and urged the public to adhere to the Governor's call for mitigation. Due to Landry's diagnosis, he was unable to meet with the Vice President.

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