Coming on the heels of a Thursday KEEL news story about a Caddo Parish bus driver losing her cool and dressing down - sometimes in a loud and profane manner - a bus filled with elementary school age students, 101.7 / 710 KEEL listeners showed support for the unnamed driver and by a wide margin.

A number of fans of  the Robert and Erin Morning Show weighed in via the Shreveport Security Systems Text Line and the KEEL app with their thoughts, almost unanimously saying (to quote comic Chris Rock), "I don't condone it, but I understand it!"

Some quotes from the KEEL Text Liine:

"Old retired bus driver here. My goodness, where to begin. First of all, the only "curse" word I heard was ass. Now, while I disagree with her way of handling the situation I can completely understand her frustration.  I do not like to say shut up to anyone,  but sadly many of our children today do not understand nor respond to a normal tone of voice.  Let's talk about how often drivers are threatened by a student or a parent. Or, how often parents are not there in the afternoon to receive their young children and the driver has to work overtime, without extra pay to try and find them.  The driver who now drives the bus I drove for eleven years was chased on I 20 one afternoon. When the driver made it to Jewella and was able to stop in a safe location,  the grandmother cursed and threatened the driver with bodily harm. The police were called. This is what drivers deal with so,  let's talk about how the poor little children were talked to. I could go on, but I guess I will end here."

"The safety of the other kids and other drivers on the road is threatened by the behavior of students-- in the last 2 weeks I've had precious 4th and 5th grade CHILDREN bring a knife to school (a girl) in order to "gut" another girl who "laughed" at her (THE BUS DRIVER caught this CHILD as she was getting her friend to hide the knife in her friend's backpack because the knife was too big for her hoodie pocket."

"People have no idea how some kids act out on school buses. Don't y'all remember the time a few years back when the bus driver from the alternative school drove from there straight to the police station because of the students' behavior in the bus?"

But there were a few naysayers. One, in fact, not only blamed the driver, but also held President Trump accountable!

"As bad as the bus driver was, the example being set by the President you elected is worse with language and behavior, that why we say he is unfit. As a kid, we were bad on the bus also, some bus drivers threatened us, some bus drivers knew how to handle us with positive reinforcement, we even had bus drivers who would stop and buy us McDonald's. It's called training and hiring the right fit..."

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