With Barack Obama out on a peace tour, Vice President Joe Biden is trying once again to push gun control. Rush Limbaugh noted that he used a sympathetic-type whisper to deliver his speech on "gun violence."

"Ladies and gentlemen, since Newtown, more people have died at the end of a gun than we have lost in Afghanistan -- pretty astounding, pretty astounding -- and Iraq as a matter of fact. Over 5,000. It's no way to run a country," said Biden in a whisper.

Although this point may be true, Rush pointed out a flaw in that logic. When you think about gun violence, where do you imagine most of these numbers come from?

"And where are most of these shootings happening, Vice President Biden? Aren't they in places run by people in your party, like in Chicago and Washington, DC, where you happen to be," said Rush, adding: "Who's running things where these shootings are taking place, huh?"

The areas where the majority of the gun violence is taking place have some of the strictest gun laws in the country. Instead of pushing for more gun laws, why not enforce the once that we have now?

"Maybe we just enforce the laws we've got, instead of saying we've lost control," Rush said.

[via rushlimbaugh.com]