You may have seen the YouTube video that involves a woman twerking in what looks to be an apartment, then falling over into a coffee table with candles and catching fire.  Turns out it's fake.

Jimmy Kimmel came out with the revelation on his ABC late night show. He brought on the woman featured in the video and they discussed how they made the video.

Initially, Kimmel introduced Caitlin Heller as being live in Kansas City, Missouri, asking questions about the reaction to the video.

Then, Kimmel asked why the video stopped so suddenly.  Heller and Kimmel decided to show the rest of the video. But Kimmel says he wants to do it together and walks to  draped off section of the stage.

Behind the drape was Keller sitting in a set that had been seen in the interview. Kimmel sits down next to Heller and share the full video together.

The popular YouTube hit plays and at the end while Heller is screaming, Kimmel enters the room with a fire extinguisher and puts out the fire.

Kimmel confirmed conspiracy theorists' thought that the video was indeed fake.

The late night host went on to explain that the video was made a simply uploaded onto YouTube without any PR push to news stations.  He said they wanted to see what would happen organically.

And not only that, but Heller isn't Heller. Her real name is Daphne Avalon, a professional stunt woman.

More hilarity ensued when Kimmel shared all the media reports about the YouTube video.

Check out the entire unveil here:

And if you missed the original YouTube video, here it is!

What do you think is the funniest part about this?  The media reaction, the fact Jimmy Kimmel made it, or something else?  Let us know!

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