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The Jimmie Davis Bridge has been a topic of spirited conversation for years now.  From barn swallows to the linear park, what is next for this local landmark?

Let me start by saying I like the idea of the linear park on the Jimmie Davis Bridge.  I'm intrigued by the idea.  Because this is such a new idea for this area, there are a lot of questions.  Local leaders recently held another meeting to discuss the issue, ask questions, and seek answers.  And they asked a lot of questions!  Here are some of the hightlights from the meeting notes

Has parking been considered?  Dedicated parking on both sides of the river for the linear park and trail network can be added as a requirement of the Design-Build Project if desired

Accessibility to vehicles. Vehicles will be prevented from using the bridge generally. However, the bridge will remain accessible to emergency and maintenance vehicles

What is the estimated cost construction wise? The estimated cost of the rehab portion of the construction is approximately $30M

What would be the estimated operation and maintenance costs for the linear park? The operation and maintenance costs will be directly dependent to the array of amenities provided by the park owners. The bridge and connections will be provided as fully operational on day-one and no major bridge maintenance should be required for 30+ years under normal operating conditions. Any amenities that are to be provided as part of the agreement between DOTD and the bridge owner will be constructed/installed as part of the design-build project and handed over on opening day to the owner for operation and maintenance.

What are the estimates for a new two lane bridge vs a new four-lane bridge?  Four-lane bridge and repurpose old bridge~ New Construction $109M  Rehabilitation $ 27M~ Engineering $ 14M Total $150M o Two-lane bridge and rehabilitated old bridge~ New construction $ 80M~ Rehabilitation $ 27M~ Engineering $ 11M Total $118M

Is the bridge listed on the Historic Register? No; however, the Jimmie Davis Bridge is eligible for listing on the National Register. Pursuant to Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act the bridge is treated with the same considerations as if it were listed on the National Register. It is included as part of the Programmatic Agreement between LA DOTD, FHWA, and other state and local agencies regarding the management of historic bridges in Louisiana.

What do you think about this idea?  Would you like to see the Jimmie Davis Bridge repurposed as a linear park?  Please let us know in the poll below.


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