I had the pleasure to be at the Emmett Hook Center in downtown Shreveport for opening night of "Jesus Christ Superstar". Our morning show producer, Gary Watson plays Pontius Pilate in the Stage Center production.

This was a first rate production. Seth Taylor commands the stage playing Jesus. He has a powerful voice and attracts your attention every moment he's on stage. Seth has been performing in local shows for about two years. He also teaches voice lessons.


My favorite part of the show has to focus on the lighting and the sound. There is a live band on stage during the entire performance. Half of them on one side of the stage, the rest across the stage. The music is fabulous. Because it was opening night, there were a couple of spots in the performance when the audience could not hear the ensemble singing (the music drowned them out a bit). But that will be taken care of for future shows.

I must also salute Cassidy Giddens, a local high school student. She plays Mary Magdalene and gives a very special performance. She has a magical voice.

Judas is played by Isaac Haas and he is also a highlight of this show.

A couple other bright spots for me: King Herod played by Jason Shidikis and Emily Mwakitawa. Both have beautiful voices.

Note, this version of the classic musical is set in modern times, so you will see the ensemble taking selfies with Jesus and talking on cell phones.


This of course, is Gary right after the show on opening night. Let me say, he has an amazing voice. I had no idea he had such talent holed up in that rocker body.

You can catch the show at the Emmett Hook Theater at First United Methodist Church.


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