Some parts of Texas see real, full on winters while others, (like El Paso), have only 2 seasons ... summer and pre-summer. It can get cold 'round these parts though.

The lone star state is huge and as you work your way across it, you'll find just about every type of weather and temperature you can imagine.

We have all the winter stuff covered but, overall, Texas stays pretty mild. Winter can bring below freezing temps to some parts though, including even the scorching, west Texas desert.

When it comes to the coldest cities in the United States of America, Texas doesn't even fall within the first 150 listed.

It can get chilly in Texas though and I'm not talking about the tasty, "no beans" kind. We're talking serious winter with the coldest spots in Texas located in the Panhandle area. Amarillo being our coldest city with a record low of -12 in 1986.

That's not the coldest it's ever gotten in Texas though, not by a long shot. The record low temp was about twice that.

The lowest temperature in Texas history was recorded during the 1899 blizzard, when Tulia in the Texas Panhandle’s Swisher County recorded its temperature at 23 degrees below zero on Feb. 12. The blizzard was so cold that the NWS noted anecdotes from the time reported a thin layer of ice coating most of Galveston Bay, far to the south. - kxan

Even El Paso has seen sub-zero temps with our own record low being -8 in 1962. A day so cold, Ally the alligator was found frozen in the ice of the fountains in San Jacinto Plaza.

Believe it or not, only 5 of the lowest lows in Texas history beat our -8, see who outdid us here.

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