The September heat may have you believing the seasons aren't changing in Texas, but now that Labor Day is passed, it is time to bring in all things spooky, and has Six Flags Over Texas already working towards an even better 2024. With the nearly nonstop heat wave and drought of 2023, what better place to make an improvement for the next season than with a new water ride?

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I grew up loving our once in a great while trip to Six Flags Saint Louis, at the time it was called Mid-America. We couldn't really afford to go very often, but on occasion, we would save up just enough to buy the group ticket with Boy Scouts or church, and take advantage of the complimentary bus.

What are the big changes for Six Flags Over Texas in 2024?


Introducing the brand new log flume ride, El Rio Lento, which translates to, "The Lazy River." Based on the description, the only thing lazy about it is that you ride because it promises to be full of thrills.

What will the El Rio Lento be like?

It is a log flume, water ride that is scheduled to be the longest log flume ride on Earth and will feature 2 major drops. If you have ever ridden a traditional flume, it is pretty basic and the canoe bumps back and forth in the track as it slowly set you up for one moderate fall.

The El Rio Lento will have more speed, and promises to give you a bigger splash. In Saint Louis, you always avoided the water ride because the humidity made it impossible to ever get dry again, and you were destined for some major thigh chafing by the end of the day.

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