Farmerville, LA (KPEL News) - Authorities in the north Louisiana town of Farmerville have arrested a father for abandoning two toddlers in a car in disgusting conditions.

On November 29, Farmerville Police responded to a call about two children in a locked vehicle with no adult in the car.

The children were 2- and 3-years-old.

Officers were able to unlock to car and found on of the children in a diaper overflowing with urine and feces, the other was covered in food. The toddlers were also not appropriately clothed to keep them warm enough.

On the backseat passenger floorboard was spoiled deli meat covered in flies.

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As they were checking the children for injuries, William Laster of Farmerville came out of the store and police arrested him. He told officers that he had asked a store associate to stay with his children while he went in to shop for groceries. The person who called police about the children said they hadn't seen any adult or worker near the car at the time.

Police say Laster had several food items inside of grocery bags, but no receipt to prove he had purchased them. The investigation revealed that he had passed up the checkout counters and left the store with the merchandise.
Farmerville authorities, with the help of the Union Parish Sheriff's Office, continued to gather information about Laster and found that a protective order had been issued against him that prohibited the man from being in the presence of both toddlers.
Laster had active warrants for his arrest in Union Parish and also in Ouachita Parish.
DCFS was notified, and a case worker cared for the children until the other parent showed up to take custody of them.
Laster was booked on two counts of child desertion, cruelty to a juvenile, theft by shoplifting, and being a fugitive from justice.

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