State Representative Lauren Ventrella has filed HB21, a bill that proposes arming certified teachers and school administrators on campus in Louisiana.

This initiative comes after the setback of HB37 in June 2022, which initially focused on permitless carry but was later revised to emphasize school safety. Despite attempts to reframe the bill to address concerns, it failed to secure a final vote. HB21 now emerges as a fresh attempt to arm faculty on school campuses statewide.

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Only certified teachers and school administrators employed by a school district and possessing a valid concealed handgun permit would be eligible to carry concealed weapons on school premises.

“for the carrying of a concealed weapon in a school or on a school campus by a certified teacher or school administrator who is employed by a school district and possesses a valid concealed handgun permit.”

Parents have also expressed concerns regarding the potential consequences of introducing firearms into schools. They argue that the presence of guns on campus could create an atmosphere of fear and anxiety among students and staff, and cause distractions in the learning environment.

The question on many Louisianans minds is if this bill is passed, will these changes actually protect our children?

According to The Sandy Hook Promise, every day 12 children in America lose their lives to gun violence, while an additional 32 are injured by firearms. Not only that, gun violience is te number one cause of death among teens.

With these statistics in mind its easy to see why parents and lawmakers are making school saftey a priority in Louisiana.

More information on HB21 here.

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