As Valentine's Day approaches, Sweethearts, the beloved candy brand known for its heart-shaped treats, is launching a special edition of candies tailored for people navigating "situationships."

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What the heck is a 'Situationship'?

A 'situationship' is defined by as "a relationship that is more than friendship but less than a committed relationship," and they are being humorously celebrated through intentionally blurry messages on the candies.

The upcoming Sweethearts Situationships box features a playful twist on the usual romantic phrases found on the candies. Instead of clear and sweet messages like "Be Mine," these candies will have deliberately blurry and misprinted text, reflecting the ambiguous nature of situationships.

Evan Brock, Spangler's vice president of marketing, expressed excitement about this creative release, mentioning that pop culture played a role in inspiring this idea. He emphasized that the blurred print on Sweethearts is a way to embrace imperfections while tapping into what's trending in pop culture.

These specially designed candies are set to be available for purchase on starting on Monday, January 8, at 9 a.m. EST. Anticipation is building among consumers interested in the novelty and relatability of these unique messages, which mirror the complexities of modern dating.

The opportunities are endless, the candies could display messages such as:

  1. "IDK, Maybe?"
  2. "Sorta Into You"
  3. "Let's Chill?"
  4. "Vibe Check?"
  5. "It's Complicated"

Sweethearts aims to bring a touch of humor and relatability to Valentine's Day, offering a sweet treat that might even help you get some answers this Valentine's day if you find yourself in a 'situationship'.

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