Rapper Boosie Badazz has once again captured the internet's attention with his unconventional approach to decorating his Christmas tree. Known for his straightforward and sometimes contentious social media presence, Boosie decided to bypass the steep $5,000 cost quoted for professionally whitening his Christmas tree. Instead, he chose a DIY route that's as unorthodox as it is hilarious.

In an NSFW Instagram video that's now buzzing across social media, Boosie is seen leaping across sofas, wielding a fire extinguisher to coat his tree in a snowy white layer. This self-made "frosting" job, though seemingly effective, raised eyebrows and concerns among fans about potential health and safety risks.

Known for going to social media when he "needs something," Boosie's venture into holiday decorating marks a new chapter for the rapper. As per his manager, Jay Cooper, this is Boosie's first attempt at personally setting up a Christmas tree. Beyond his decorating escapades, Boosie is also embracing the festive spirit in his professional music career. He recently released a new (very NSFW) single aptly named "Christmas P——" and is offering a generous 50 percent discount on his song features.

While some might question the safety of his DIY tree-whitening method, there's no doubt that Boosie's festive antics have turned his Christmas tree into a viral sensation and a video that will certainly be discussed at gatherings this holiday season.

Who knows what the animated rapper will do next, but this is up there with some of his most hilarious antics as he celebrates Christmas, Boosie Badazz style.

By the way, don't try ANY of this at home—or anywhere, if we're being honest.

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