Earlier, we reported on a tragic traffic incident that unfolded on I-55 Monday morning (10/23) as a dense fog enveloped the region, reducing visibility to nearly zero and contributing to a catastrophic pileup. Louisiana State Police have now confirmed at least seven fatalities, with over two dozen injured and a staggering 158 vehicles involved.

The series of collisions, described as at least three "crash clusters," occurred amidst conditions of extremely low visibility. Social media posts and videos from the scene showcased the eerily thick fog, with some areas experiencing near-zero visibility. The phenomenon, known as Super Fog, is a lethal combination of smoke and fog that can reduce visibility to 10 feet or even less.

Bailey Scott, an ICU nurse who witnessed the crashes, described the terrifying scene: "There were people stuck in their cars... We saw a lot of concussions. People had broken arms and legs." Scott was en route to the airport when the accidents occurred, and despite her attempts to assist, she highlighted the challenging conditions, noting the hour-long delay for first responders due to the fog and the number of damaged vehicles obstructing their path.

Gov. John Bel Edwards expressed his condolences in a statement: “Please join me and Donna in praying for those hurt and killed in today’s tragic I-55 crash, as well as their families. I want to encourage all Louisianans in affected areas to take extreme caution when traveling and to thank the first responders and medical personnel for their efforts.”

But what exactly is Super Fog?

This hazardous phenomenon occurs when smoke from events like marsh fires interacts with dense fog, creating an almost impenetrable haze. To make matters worse, similar conditions are forecasted for Tuesday morning, posing an ongoing threat to the region.

In light of the day's tragic events and the anticipated conditions, the State Police announced that I-55 would remain closed until at least midday Tuesday to allow for thorough inspection of the span for possible fire damage. Meanwhile, I-10, which had also been temporarily closed, reopened around 3 p.m.

Local authorities, including the St. John Parish Sheriff's Office, the St. Charles Parish Sheriff's Office, the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office, and Kenner Police, have joined the Louisiana State Police in the ongoing investigation and response efforts.

Multiple videos showed the heartbreaking scenes.

Residents are urged to exercise utmost caution, especially on the roads, and to consider donating blood to support the injured and aid local medical facilities.

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