There will be no more Menorahs or Star of David displays on the shelves of this retailer. Because what sounded like a generic viral hoax on social media has turned out to be a real story. The corporation Hobby Lobby has removed all Hanukkah merchandise from its stores.

Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images
Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

The company has confirmed to numerous outlets that the Hanukkah holiday will no longer be recognized inside Hobby Lobby stores. The decision was actually made in 2022, and some of their locations may have had leftover elements of previous Hanukkah seasons. But this year, there won't be any Hanukkah found in any of their stores.

This follows the decision from Hobby Lobby to cancel their Mardi Gras decorations, which also happened in 2022. Hobby Lobby made the decision to eliminate Halloween merchandise too. According to numerous sources, the reason behind dropping these holidays is due to the company's religious beliefs.

You might think this is an old story, which would be understandable. Because Hobby Lobby stopped Hanukkah sales a decade ago too. Back in 2013 the company found itself in hot water when they eliminated their Hanukkah merchandise. But it was actually more about what shoppers were told when they inquired. Back in 2013, a shopper had reportedly been told by a Hobby Lobby employee "We don't cater to you people" when they asked about Hanukkah decorations.

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That backlash led to an apology from Hobby Lobby President Steve Green, who said that statement didn't reflect the feelings of the company. Hobby Lobby added Hanukkah merchandise back after that as well.

It may strike a raw nerve during this holiday season though, as the nation grapples with a wave of fresh antisemitism. Major universities are facing lawsuits over "unchecked antisemitism" on campus, and companies are being threatened with boycotts over their perceived antisemitism. Only time will tell if Hobby Lobby's decision on Hanukkah will fall into the same stream.

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