Some concerning news out of Louisiana to end the work week.

Multiple news outlets are reporting that Governor Jeff Landry has issued a State of Emergency due to a shortage of law enforcement in Louisiana.

Landry's office reports, the Louisiana Sheriff’s Association estimates that Louisiana sheriffs’ offices were down about 1,800 deputies statewide

With such a shortage comes long hours for those on duty and it further increases the response time for those on the roads in Louisiana.

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Landry, who once was involved in law enforcement, says the shortage may lead to more crime in our state and could put those officers who are on the road at risk.

With the State of Emergency, the governor hopes this offers additional support to the men and women protecting communities across Louisiana.

According to Louisiana Sheriffs’ Association Executive Director Michael Ranatza, there's a desperate need to fill vacant positions throughout the state.

We'll continue to follow this concerning story in our state.


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