How many scams are we warned about monthly?

These unscrupulous jerks are always trying something to get our information and way too many of us fall for it. This latest one is scary because it hits Facebook users emotionally and originally made the rounds less than a year ago.

Now it's back, again. It  mimics what the real Facebook does when someone does violates the community standards

According to a Better Business Bureau media release, if you receive an email from Facebook that says you've violated those standards then, depending on who you are, it may be the latest phishing scam so stop before you react.

Here's what the message will say.

Recently, we discovered a breach of our Facebook Community Standards on your page. Your page has been disabled for violating Facebook Terms. If you believe the decision is incorrect, you can request a review and file an appeal at the link below.


It will most likely add that sense of urgency to get you to react by saying you only have 24 hours to respond or your Facebook account will be gone forever, deleted permanently by Facebook.

As you can imagine because this is how phishing works, there will be a link to click and that's the link that will open up the scammers access to your private information yet looks legit because it leads to what looks just like

You’ll be asked for your login email, phone number, name, and other details. The page will ask you to confirm your password when you hit submit. If you do, scammers will have all the information they need to hack your account.

However, look closely like you should do with everything now. Even the slightest typo that could be hard to see at first should be your warning that all is fine.

In reality just go to your Facebook account because most likely you'll see that everything is fine. However if it's not and you think it could be authentic, don't click the link.

According to the BBB, always login directly to your account and go from there because if you're in trouble with Facebook, your account till guide you on your next steps.  your social media app to log in or enter the URL in the browser bar by typing it, not by clicking on a link sent to you.

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