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Do you know what's the one thing that all Louisiana moms want for Mother's Day? We do and we're spilling the tea!

What is the one thing Louisiana moms want for Mother's Day?

That's easy! It's TIME.

Hey, were you expecting a big ol' checklist of stuff to snag for Mother's Day? Nah, we're skipping the typical gift-buying spiel here. Don't get me wrong, presents and fancy dinners are cool, but let's get real – what moms truly crave is your time. Seriously, you don't need a research paper to back that up. Just hit up your mom for confirmation, she'll set the record straight!

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Keep in mind that not all "time" is created equal. When I say spend time with your mom, I'm talking about being present, in the moment. Put down the phone, and turn off the TV – it's mom time! We're talking about genuine, quality time here. Let her tell you what she wants to do. Maybe it's just a cozy coffee chat, or maybe you'll be sharing a meal. But bet your bottom dollar, what she really wants is to catch up on your life. And if your mom's anything like mine, she might slip in a few chores for you to tackle afterward. But that's just her way of saying she needs a hand with stuff she can't handle herself.

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So, yes, grab that card, snag some flowers, and pick out a sweet gift. But here's the thing: you've gotta give her your time for real... None of that half-hearted hanging out, okay? We're talking genuine enthusiasm here. And if you're gonna go the gift route, make it count! Show her you've been thinking about what she wants, not just what's easy for you.

Happy Mother's Day!

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