For decades, the state of Louisiana has been appearing as a main focal point of numerous comic books. The state has been home to many characters, and served as the setting for tons of stories. Over the last few years, the state of Louisiana really made an impact in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), giving them both a place in the pages and on the screen.

The MCU features Monica Rambeau who is a Louisiana native in the MCU and Marvel comics. Then you have the new Captain America, Sam Wilson, who is a Louisiana native in the MCU (interestingly, Sam Wilson's actor Anthony Mackie is from Louisiana). Both not only have Louisiana roots on-screen, but their appearances in the MCU have also had content set in Louisiana.

But Louisiana has got some love from movies in the DC Comics world as well. Because the Suicide Squad movies have both followed the comic books, and set the base for the team of villains-turned-heroes in Terrebonne Parish.

Not to mention the on-going rumors that Louisiana born (fictional biography) characters like Daisy Johnson and Gambit are going to soon debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and the hopes online that Swamp Thing will be allowed to return to TV. Louisiana could take an even bigger role, in both Marvel and DC Comics, soon.

So comic book fans in the state have a lot to be excited about.

Which made me start to think about all the great comic books that fans in Louisiana could start collecting for some "state pride". After thinking about it for a few days, we put together a list of "key issues" that relate to Louisiana that fans could start looking for.

Now this isn't a "definitive" list, there are definitely other books with Louisiana ties that you should consider. But this is a fun starting point.

However you should be warned...there are pricey books here. Some books that most collectors will never own, let alone even SEE in person. So don't take this list as a "must own all to complete" idea either. This is just a fun spot to start the conversation.

16 Key Comic Books About Louisiana People And Places

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