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This extremely tall 'Grench' has been seen on the run from the Haughton Police Department, stealing Christmas décor, and more in Bossier Parish!

Who or what is the Haughton, LA 'Grench?'

This tall, green individual that bears a significant likeness to The Grinch from Dr. Seuss has been seen all over Haughton, LA recently. Just one of the things this festive felon is accused of is leading the Haughton Police Department on a merry chase in a side by side several times, once making laps around the parking lot at the Pilot! Sadly, no one seems to know who the man under the green fur is...

He's also terrorized several Haughton businesses like Station 80 and Stacked and Tossed. That crazy Grench is even hitting banks! What's wrong with this green fella?

And that's not all, he's even been accused of stealing 'Cadillac Converters!' When asked via social media, The Grench says he's not related to The Grinch, because he's French. Louisiana, duh! However, he wasn't able to speak with me directly, because The Grench is currently being housed at Bossier Max.

So how did The Grench get caught? He couldn't stand all of the merriment taking place last weekend at Christmas in Haughton and the Haughton Police Department finally caught up to him!

However, The Grench has now had his day in court and you won't believe what he was sentenced with! For all of his shenanigans, he has to raise $5,000 worth of toy donations for the kids of Haughton. Can you think of anything the big green guy would hate more?

Sadly, The Grench is still behind bars. Why is that sad you ask? It means that folks haven't donated enough toys yet. Let's beat The Grench at his game and make sure that no child goes without this Christmas in Haughton!

Follow The Grench's story on Facebook and make sure to make a toy donation at the Haughton Police Department. Not that we want The Grench out, we just want to make him 'pay' for his transgressions against Christmas in the best way possible... By giving!

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