It was an action packed weekend at the Shreveport Convention Center during Geek'd Con 2023. There were thousands of fans moving through the convention center, hundreds of vendors, and dozens of celebrity guests. It was an amazing weekend in Downtown Shreveport.

Not just for the fans, vendors, and celebrities, but this was an amazing weekend for Shreveport. The city has a lot of issues facing it; from crime to economic distress, infrastructure failures to government corruption. So for the city of Shreveport to have an opportunity to enjoy a weekend of fun was a welcome distraction.

On top of that, the event drives a massive economic impact for both Shreveport and Bossier City. With thousands of hotel rooms, restaurants, and bars filling with fans from the event, the city got a big boost. Fans came to Shreveport-Bossier from all over the United States. Tickets were sold to residents in states like California, Washington, Illinois, Florida, Michigan, Idaho, Delaware, and dozens of other states.

Check out some of the footage from this past weekend's event right here...






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