Adding Texas to the name of a ride makes it seem bigger right? Is that always the case?

Keep Scrolling to See Where Every Texas Roller Coaster Is

As December approaches, roller coasters may not be on your mind, but I wanted to have some fun today. I think we can all probably name at least one roller coaster that has Texas in its name, but some exist you might not know about so let's start with the newest and work our way back.

Texas Wildcat Opened in 2021 (Cotaland) Austin, Texas

In case you did not know, you can go to a theme park at the F1 track over in Austin. Cotaland may not be the biggest theme park on our list, but they still have a wide variety of rides to go spend the day enjoying. The Texas Wildcat is actually an older coaster that has been moved all over the world. This thing was once operating in England as the Raptor Attack.

Texas Stingray Opened in 2020 (Seaworld) San Antonio, Texas

Having a brand new ride open in 2020 probably hurt the excitement of this new coaster. I don't think of Seaworld as a place that would have a wooden roller coaster, but it's pretty cool to see. You may not think of stingrays as a Texas creature, but the Gulf has plenty of varieties that hang out near the shore.

Texas Giant Opened in 1990 (Six Flags Over Texas) Arlington, Texas

If you ride the Texas Giant today, you're not riding the same ride from 1990. In 2009, it shut down for a ten million dollar upgrade. The new ride opened in 2011 making it bigger, better, and what many people complained about with the old Texas Giant...smoother. The old Giant would cause many back problems for riders back in the day with its jerkiness.

Texas Tornado Opened in 1985 (Wonderland) Amarillo, Texas

You know what we haven't done on any of these coasters so far? Go upside down! This iconic ride has two loops. Fun fact, it was the first ever coaster designed by a company called Hopkins. They mainly built water rides back in the day, but decided to get into the coaster game with this one. It's built to last and still entertaining folks to this day.

Texas Cyclone Opened in 1976 (Astroworld) Houston, Texas [EXTINCT]

Honorable mention to the Texas Cyclone. Sadly you can no longer ride this one since Astroworld closed in 2005. However, the Texas Cyclone was almost apart of Astroworld for it's entire history. The park officially opened in 1968, but the Texas Cyclone operated for just under thirty years of the park's history. R.I.P. to the Texas Cyclone.

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