Whether you consider yourself strong and brave or timid and shy, Texas has a wide variety of people, personalities and phobias. And that is part of what makes Texas so great, it’s a collection of so many people from so many backgrounds that all call the lone star state home. While most of us love being at home it’s where we are the most comfortable, there are still phobias that are going to make us feel a little uneasy or a little scared. Let’s talk about some of the most common phobias in Texas. 

We all want to put on a brave face and act as if nothing will scare us, but we all have things that make us scared. Those things might change over time. When I was younger, I was much more of a dare devil, now that I am older, heights mess with me more than before. I appreciate a good handrail when heights get too extreme. And snakes have always been one of my biggest fears.  

Snake Phobia

Very Normal Phobias are Common in Texas 

The most common phobias for people in Texas are very common for people across the country. These fears and phobias are understandable, although I’m sure everyone dealing with one of these fears could put it behind them. 

Let’s Find Out the Most Common Phobias in Texas 

While it might be uncomfortable to talk about, we all have them, here is a look at the most common fears and phobias among people in Texas.

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