If you have an extra $23,200 lying around that you would like to donate to President Donald Trump in his attempt to reclaim the position of President of the United States, this might be the best way you could choose to use that money.

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The President is coming to Louisiana in less than two weeks for a private fundraiser to help rebuild his war chest for the funds he will need leading up to the 2024 Presidential election.

According to an article from lailluminator.com,

Retired shipbuilder Boysie Bollinger and former banker Joe Canizaro, three-time state co-chairmen for the Trump campaign, are hosting a July 25 event at Canizaro’s home in Metairie, according to an invitation the Louisiana Republican Party sent to members Tuesday. Canizaro also hosted Trump at a soiree for big donors in 2019, when nearly $4 million was raised.

In case you overlooked the admission price for this one in the opening of this article, or you are just in denial, it's a mere $23,200. Of course, if you have that kind of money lying around, you'll certainly want to splurge for the VIP reception which is a steal at only $3,300.

joe raedle / getty images
joe raedle / getty images

But, it's Donald Trump. "The Donald".  When else will you have the chance to have dinner with him in a setting like this?  A recent survey shows him to be Louisiana's favorite candidate in the next election as he did in the previous two elections, so you could definitely be in good company with some of our state's leading citizens.

Just thinking of this reminded me that I need to buy a Powerball ticket for tonight's drawing. If I win, I might just see you at this dinner!

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