I have to admit that even though I have always wanted to, I have never actually gone alligator hunting.

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I have hunted everything from deer and squirrels to ducks, frogs, rabbits and raccoons, but as of yet, have never been there when someone hollered in their best Troy Landry impersonation, "Choot 'em."

But for those dedicated men and women here in Louisiana that enjoy taking these prehistoric beasts, that time is coming very soon.

Louisiana Is Actually Separated Into Two Different Zones

Much like it is for duck season, Louisiana is divided into two separate zones when it comes to alligator season.

According to the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries website, for the East Zone, which is relegated exclusively to the very southeastern portion of Louisiana, that season will begin on Wednesday, August 30, which is the last Wednesday of August.


When Does Season Start For Us In The West Zone?

For the remainder of the state, in the West Zone, alligator season will begin on the first Wednesday of September, which this year will be on September 6.

In our area, along with special permits allotted for private land, alligator hunting will be permitted to lottery winning permit holders on Bodcau, Black Lake, Cypress/Black Bayou, Caddo, Cross, Ivan, Kepler, Lake Bistineau, Toledo Bend and Wallace Lake.

As mentioned above, those lottery permits are available each year in May.  According to the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries:

Through the Lottery Alligator Harvest Program, LDWF provides more than 400 resident alligator hunters the opportunity to harvest approximately 1,245 alligators on over 40 wildlife management areas and public lakes throughout the state. Lottery applications are available mid-May of each year.


Scott Lewis
Scott Lewis

The LDWF also highlights a couple of other items these hunters must know before they begin to exercise those permits on their allocated body of water:

Hunting Hours

Alligators may be harvested between official sunrise and sunset only. Nighttime harvest is prohibited.

Harvest and Size Limits

The daily and season quota is equal to the number of alligator harvest tags that a licensed alligator hunter possesses. There are no size restrictions on wild alligators taken during the open season.

Harvest Methods

Alligator hunters may use hook and line, bow and arrow, and firearms (except shotguns) to harvest alligators. Possession of shotguns is prohibited while hunting or taking wild alligators. The fishing (hook and line) method is the most common and is the only method allowed on public areas.

To read more about Louisiana's alligator hunting rules and regulations just go HERE to the LDWF website.

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