It won't be long now, Lake Bistineau will be reduced to Bayou Dorcheat and an assortment of swamp-like areas.

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It would appear that summer is nearly over for those who enjoy water sports like fishing or skiing on Lake Bistineau in Northwest Louisiana.

Lake Bistineau State Park recently posted on social media that they had been notified that the annual drawdown of Lake Bistineau has been scheduled to begin July 31, 2023 and after that date, the park's boat launch would close and they would cease boat rentals.

Lots of those who enjoy immediate access to the water as lakeside property owners, will soon have to strain their eyes just to see the water. Of course, to some, the sight of bare ground is a lot better than the unsightly view of areas completely choked with giant salvinia and consider the "annual" drawdowns somewhat of a necessary evil.

LDWF Intends To Continue Drawdowns in Battle With Salvinia

The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries will once again initiate a drawdown of Lake Bistineau in Webster, Bossier and Bienville parishes for the purpose of reducing the further expansion of giant salvinia.

LDWF maintains that the drawdowns and a few chemical changes were all part of their future plans to combat the salvinia.

LDWF also states that the "drawdown will additionally benefit fisheries production by improving aquatic habitat and reducing the amount of organic matter on the lake bottom."

How Long Will It Take For The Lake To Be Completely Lowered?

Though the lake cannot be completely drained, once the control structure is open, the lake should dewater at a rate of 4 to 6 inches per day until it reaches a potential maximum drawdown level of 8 feet below pool stage.

LDWF does state that the dewater rate could be impacted, however, by local rainfall in the surrounding watershed. During the drawdown, the department will monitor aquatic habitat conditions to determine the best time to conclude the drawdown and allow the lake to refill for early spring recreational activities.

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