A private party was interrupted by gunfire Saturday night near Downtown Texarkana, as a result, three of the six shooting victims have died and police need your help finding the suspected shooter. 

According to a report on the Texarkana Texas Police Facebook Page, a total of six people, ranging in age from 19 to 31 years old, were shot at a party in the back room of a business in the 700 block of N. Stateline Avenue a little after 9:00 PM Saturday. One man was pronounced dead at the scene, and a woman and another man died overnight at the hospital from the gunshot wounds they sustained. Three other gunshot victims, two men, and a woman, suffered what are not believed to be life-threatening injuries and are recovering at the hospital as of the last report.

TTPD detectives have identified 20-year-old Breoskii Warren (pictured) as a suspect in the shootings.

Breoskii Warren - Wanted - TTPD
Breoskii Warren - Wanted - TTPD

According to the report, this started with a fistfight between two men at the party.

At some point during the fight, at least two men there pulled out rifles and started shooting. We’re still investigating this terrible incident as we continue to try to determine exactly what happened and who all was involved.

Texarkana Texas Police ask if you have any information that could be important to this case or know where Warren can be found, please call 903-798-3116, or Texarkana Area Crime Stoppers at 903-793-STOP.

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