Lately, it seems like things are going up in price. We have seen vehicles, groceries, utility bills, insurance on your vehicles, and health insurance rates all ticking up. Most of you we asked said it's a struggle to make ends meet each month with all the rising costs.

In our survey, you said the costs of groceries and utility bills are hitting you the hardest while your pay, salary, and hourly wages stay the same, putting a tighter squeeze on you and your family each month.

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So how much is the sales tax in Louisiana? Louisiana has a state sales tax of 4.45%, but Louisiana allows local governments to collect a local option sales tax. So combine the Louisiana state tax and what each local Parish government is collecting and that is how you get these numbers below.

We found a list of all 65 Parishes in Louisiana and the Parish-wide level sales tax in each Parish. You would think Parishes with big cities like New Orleans, Baton Rouge, or Shreveport would have a higher sales tax but that is not the case according to this.

Here are the Top 10 Louisiana Parishes with the highest sales taxes

#10 -- Sabine --- 11.075 %

#9 -- Jefferson  --- 11.2 %

#8 -- Union Parish --- 11.45 %

#7 -- East Carroll Parish --- 11.45 %

#6 -- East Baton Rouge Parish --- 11.95 %

#5 -- Webster Parish --- 11.95 %

#4 -- Natchitoches Parish --- 11.95 %

#3 -- St. Landry Parish --- 12 %

#2 -- Lincoln Parish --- 12.2 %

#1 -- Ouachita Parish --- 12.95 %

If you were wondering, Calcasieu Parish is 10.2 %

These numbers are according to

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