We have all been out to a local bar to enjoy drinks, blow off steam, and see live music in Louisiana. We love our local bands and supporting their music while enjoying ourselves. You would expect to see something like this in Louisiana during Mardi Gras but nope, this is coming out of the great state of Texas.

There was a band playing in Texas at a bar playing live. We saw the sign on the wall at the back of the stage and googled the name of the bar. It looks like the bar is located in Fort Worth, Texas in the stockyards.

At the start of the video, you are about to watch, the lead guitar player is lying on the dance floor when he gets up and heads toward the front of the stage, and when he tries to step up onto the stage, he waxes it on stage falling off and back onto the floor with guitar in tow.

He hits the stage, trips over a speaker monitor, rolls down the stairs, hits the speakers on the floor, and ends up on the dance floor again. The way the fall looks, his guitar is probably toast too. Check this out.

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