Tuesday is tax day. It’s time to pay Uncle Sam.

You might be wondering why Tax Day is on April 17 this year? It's for a couple of reasons. First, April 15th fell on a Sunday and second, a holiday unique to DC falls on Monday the 16th. It's Emancipation Day to mark the date that President Abraham Lincoln freed slaves there in 1862.

A survey from offers.com finds most Louisianans wait until the last possible day to file their income tax returns. The study shows 53 percent wait until the day before or the final day to file.

Offers-dot-com’s Carson Yarbrough tells the Louisiana Radio Network most people don’t want to pay their taxes and some say they would go to extreme measures to avoid doing so.

But many will see a refund from the IRS. In fact, the average refund this year will top the $3,000 mark. Half of the people getting a refund say they will use the money to pay off debt. A third say they plan to save the money and the rest say they will use the money for everyday expenses.

And 40% of filers in Louisiana use a tax preparer to file their taxes with the feds.

Filing date for state income tax returns is May 15.