Usually I roll my eyes at articles like this because I feel like they're just trolling us, but the Wall Street Journal announced that there's a new way to date called, 'slow dating.' Slow dating is where you meet someone in real life and then ask them out... Seriously... they called this a new form of dating. Meeting someone on social media or a dating app is so 2017 thanks to this "new" approach, which many people say they're giving a try.

Surely you can hear my eyes rolling as I type this because this is in no way new. Slow dating, or as most people would call it, 'real dating,' is becoming popular again... and honestly, even if people think it's a new thing, it's a good thing. Dating apps encourage a 'hook up' culture and if that's what you're looking for, then go ahead and Tinder/Bumble away, but 'slow dating,' in my humble opinion, is still the best way to meet someone.

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