I just found out about this sport.  It's called slap boxing and it's taking off across the world. The Russians have a major slap boxing championship.

We now have ax throwing in Bossier City. Is it time to start hosting slap boxing tournaments in Shreveport Bossier?

What is slap boxing, you might ask? Two people stand on either side of a table and they take turns slapping each other in the face.  This keeps going until one of the combatants surrenders.

I think this would be a pretty big success in Shreveport Bossier. I've been thinking about some of the matchups I'd like to see. From in this building, I wouldn't mind seeing Greg Atoms take on Robert J. Wright.  Another pretty good match up would pit Tim Fletcher against Gary McCoy. I'd bring the popcorn to watch that one.

Where could we hold these epic matches? I'm thinking right in the middle of Festival Plaza during a huge event.  I would certainly make time to go watch this.

Who would you like to see square off in a slap boxing match? And no, I'm not gonna do one of these with Robert. I'd kill him.

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