101.7 / 710 KEEL's Robert J Wright and Erin McCarty talk about colleges and universities using the image and likeness of scholarship athletes in marketing and advertising. The discussion comes on the heels of recent California legislation that allows players in all sports the right to negotiate for themselves, i.e., control of their own "image and likeness."

The conversation stemmed from an Xfinity commercial running just after top ranked LSU's win over Auburn, an ad that showed a Tigers player running for a touchdown against their Alabama foe. According to current NCCA regulations, the school is allowed to sell an athletes image and likeness to advertisers without compensating the player involved. In fact, athletes are forbidden from taking compensation in any form from any activity that is directly related to their sport.

The California law sets up a possible court case with the NCAA, as the legislation supersedes the collegiate rule makers authority within the state's boundaries. The NCAA has threatened the state's schools with major penalties and suspensions if they violate existing rules.

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