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This morning, New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning retired from the game of football. And with his retirement, the debate over whether or not Eli is a Hall of Famer is raging. To me, this debate is one of the most ridiculous debates over a player in NFL history.

How can a fan of the game leave Eli out of the Hall? I don't think ANYONE is debating that Eli is the greatest quarterback to ever play the game. He's clearly not. Eli, as a QB, is not anywhere close to the greatest to ever play the game or the position: guys like Tom Brady, Peyton, Joe Montana, Brett Favre, and Terry Bradshaw just to name a few.

But, with that said, Eli has amassed an impressive resume and I can't think of many other quarterbacks I'd rather have leading my team in the 4th quarter when in position to win than Eli. The guy was CLUTCH in all the big moments and at all the right times. In fact, Eli has the record for Most fourth quarter touchdown passes in a season: 15  and is tied for the most game-winning drives in a season: 8 (2011).

Eli is two time Super Bowl MVP. That list is EXTREMELY short, only featuring Tom Brady, Bart Starr, Terry Bradshaw and Joe Montana. That's something even his brother Peyton couldn't do. Plus, all-time, he's top 10 in both passing yards and touchdowns.

Nobody is arguing that Eli is the greatest of all-time. The argument here is whether or not Eli belongs in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. And there's no doubt in my mind that he should be. Below is a list of the all of his accomplishments on the field. That should be enough. But, if you need a little extra, just remember what Eli Manning meant to the Giants as an organization. Eli is a Hall of Famer  and has more claim to that title than recent inductees like Kurt Warner.

Awards and accolades

2× Super Bowl champion (XLII, XLVI)
2× Super Bowl MVP (XLII, XLVI)
4× Pro Bowl (2008, 2011, 2012, 2015)
NFC passing touchdowns co-leader (2015)
Most consecutive completions to begin a Super Bowl: 9 (XLVI)
Third all-time for most consecutive starts by a National Football League quarterback: 210



Most fourth quarter touchdown passes in a season: 15 (2011)
Tied NFL record for longest pass completion and touchdown: 99 yards (2011)
Tied NFL record for most game-winning drives in a season: 8 (2011)
Most passing yards in a single postseason: 1,219 yards (2011)


Giants Franchise Records
Most pass attempts (career): 7,396
Most pass attempts (season): 618 (2015)
Most pass attempts (game): 63 (December 22, 2016 against the Philadelphia Eagles)
Most pass attempts (playoff career): 400
Most pass attempts (playoff season): 163 (2011)
Most pass attempts (playoff game): 58 (January 22, 2012 against the San Francisco 49ers)
Most completions (career): 4,424
Most completions (season): 387 (2015)
Most completions (game): 41 (October 11, 2015 against the San Francisco 49ers)
Most completions (playoff career): 242
Most completions (playoff season): 106 (2011)
Most completions (playoff game): 32 (January 22, 2012 against the San Francisco 49ers)
Most passing yards (career): 55,981
Most passing yards (season): 4,933 (2011)
Most passing yards (playoff career): 2,815
Most passing yards (playoff season): 1,219 (2011)
Most passing touchdowns (career): 339
Most passing touchdowns (playoff career): 18
Most passing touchdowns (playoff season): 9 (2011)
Most intercepted (career): 228
Most intercepted (season): 27 (2013)
Most sacked (playoff career): 27[
Most sacked (playoff season): 11 (2011)[336]
Most sacked (playoff game): 6 (January 22, 2012 against the San Francisco 49ers; tied with Phil Simms)
Longest completed pass: 99 yards (2011)
Most fourth quarter touchdown passes, season: 15 (NFL record)
Most consecutive starts by a quarterback: 222 (210 regular season + 11 playoff games)

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