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One of the hot topics in Northwest Louisiana over the past few months has been about the increase in violent crime and illegal guns. Many think that the issue is something that is just happening in Shreveport. However, sadly, it's a problem being faced by many law enforcement agencies in both our area and across the nation.

Just last week, the Shreveport Police Department announced the success of one of their recent operations to get illegal guns off the streets. Today, the DeSoto Parish Sherriff's Office is doing the same.

According to a Facebook post from the Department, Deputies have been working with Narcotics agents to get illegal firearms off the streets. Over the past 2 months, the Sherriff's Officer has recovered over 21 firearms from crime suspects or from people  who were illegally in possession.

According to the post, most of the illegal firearms were discovered during routine traffic stops where guns were found in possession of drugs or the illegal arms were taken from convicted felons who are not allowed to possess a firearm.

The DeSoto Parish Sherriff's Office outlined what has been recently taken off the streets:

During the past two months, deputies have been able to successfully recover firearms ranging from AK-47's, 5.7mm, 9mm, .40 caliber, .357 Sig, among others. Numerous extended magazines, a drum magazine, and a large quantity of high capacity ammunition were also seized. Crimes committed that led to the seizure of many firearms ranged from various drug charges, domestic violence, felony possession, aggravated assault, and recovered as part of ongoing theft investigations

The Office also noted that several of the weapons were taken off of suspects who were being investigated for crimes outside the Parish. Some of those investigations include homicide investigations and attempted homicide cases.

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