For a state that isn't one of the biggest in the country, Louisiana sure does produce a lot of celebrities. Now, before we really get into it, we need to be fair that a lot of the celebrities from the state are athletes...which is a little different type of "celebrity" to some people.

But Louisiana is also a state known for entertainment and performance. So finding a long list of singers and actors from the state isn't hard either.

Terry Bradshaw
Photo by Rick Stewart/Getty Images

One of the interesting things about getting older, is that you start to notice how old your favorite athletes and actors are getting. Because when you start to realize how old those celebrities are, it makes you start to think about how old you are getting. Which isn't always a great thought.

Putting this list together actually made me start to realize a lot about myself when it comes to how old I'm getting. Because some of the people on this list who are celebrating birthdays north of 40 are people I remember watching in high school. I mean, when I WAS IN HIGH SCHOOL. Which makes me feel pretty old.

These are just Louisiana celebrities too. Its not an overall list, and if you went to look at one of those, it would probably make this feeling worse.

So, here we go with a look at how old these Louisiana celebrities will be turning during the 2024 calendar year:

How Old Will These Louisiana Celebrities Turn in 2024

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