The games may be done with for now but is football season really over?

In South Louisiana, football is king and even though we are in the offseason, we are still thinking about the sport.

Whether it's looking forward to next season's schedule for your favorite team or just being under the stadium lights, football fans across the region are already counting down the days till the next season.

That's especially true for fans of the New Orleans Saints and the LSU Tigers. Both teams may have had seasons that ended in disappointment - the Saints missing the playoffs by one game and the Tigers ending with a blowout bowl loss to complete a losing season - but both fan bases can't wait to see what next season holds.

It's no secret that their are a lot of crossover fans - people who root for both teams. One thing about both teams that I love are their uniforms. Whether it's the Black & Gold or the Purple & Gold, both programs sports some of the best uniforms in their respective levels of competition. Though, I do wish the Saints would actually wear their gold jerseys from time to time (like the one pictured below) and the Tigers would wear their purple jerseys more often.

Wild Card Round - Minnesota Vikings v New Orleans Saints
Kevin C. Cox, Getty Images

Anyway, New Orleans Saints on CBS Sports Facebook page decided to post an image on Sunday that features a crossover concept. And, I have to say, this Ted Hyman of Ted Hyman Images is a genius!

I love the concept! I believe he did a great job of keeping both teams' colors represented in the image and married the two color schemes beautifully.

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