Gary  McCoy here on this one and I'm betting it's been nearly 20 years ago that I met TK Browning and Mike Vick, who together created some of the funniest hunting videos I've ever seen.  

TK and Mike actually began shooting the comedy videos in 1996 in Alabama. Then, in July 2001, TK passed away from cancer after the pair had produced only 8 videos.  But in some of those videos you'll witness some of the funniest comedy to ever grace camouflage!

As we get ready for the Sportsman's Expo presented by MetroPCS and powered by S3 Powersports, August 22-24 at the Shreveport Convention Center, I thought you might enjoy a little "blast from the past" as TK and Mike introduce us to the world's finest goose gun... the Waterfowl Widow Maker!